CEO Series: Computers in the home classroom

Getting Kindergarten ready with Computers

My daughter has a laptop. It's a hand-me-down, a real old hand-me-down, but it does the job I need it to. Her Caillou Preschool CDs (insert nails screeching down chalkboard here) keep her occupied for at least an hour at a time on the days I need a teacher's assistant.  

As a preschooler, learning needs to be fun and come naturally. I avoid "teaching" her how to navigate the computer and her program. This would cause my Spirited child to shut-down and forever view the computer as a tool for work and a weapon of "the man". When I say Spirited I mean stubborn, opinionated, focused, carefree, life loving, anti-establishment. Yep, I will have a tree-hugging Anonymous member as a daughter when she reaches college age. Pray.For.Me. (And her!)

Fundamentals are Unplugged

Aside from the few YouTube videos I incorporate with lessons, our school days are uplugged. Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Grace & Courtesy, Practical Life, and Pretend are all of the utmost importance in my homeschooling approach, so is computer work.

Computer learning I angle as a treat for my daughter. Sometimes it helps the day's lessons go by smoother and sometimes it heals a rough day. Either way, she is developing eye-hand coordination and technology navigation which will only help her as she grows into a contributing member of society.

How early a child should be exposed to computers, well, is an argument as touchy as breastfeeding.

At what age did you start your children using the computer?

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