National Vodka Day with Crystal Head & Cupcake Vodka

Happy National Vodka Day! Today I am ringing in the holiday by imbibing some delicious spirits, Crystal Head Vodka and Cupcake Vodka.

Crystal Head Vodka not only comes packaged in the most awesome crystal skull bottle, but is delicious. I got all giggly when I popped open the bottle and took a smell--nothing! The first sip was strong on the tongue but immediately faded, making for a perfect vodka to drink all night long, no mixer needed. Crystal Head and Water is my new drink of long GG & K1!

Well, I can't stop at just one vodka on National Vodka Day so next up is Cupcake Vodka. Two blue bottles, one original flavor and one vanilla frosting flavor. Both are great to make cocktails with, not so much for drinking straight up. I mixed the vanilla frosting with cola, yum! It would taste great mixed with grenadine...looks like a midnight run to the all-night big box grocery is on the docket after finishing this post! Back to the vodka...the original flavor makes a great vodka gimlet.

Three drinks down with 3.5 hours left of National Vodka Day...this mamma is one happy blogger.

The holidays are around the corner, add these Vodkas to your shopping list, you won't regret it! (What you do after indulging you might regret, but don't go blaming me.)

*I received samples of the products for review. All opinions are my own. All typos are the vodkas' fault!

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