Couponing is pissing me off. A Rant.

Seriously, I'm getting aggravated with couponing. Not with coupons themselves but the stores and their "new policies". I get it. Coupon usage is up like a trillion percent as of late and shows like Extreme Couponing have caused otherwise non-gluttonous folk to turn into "I need 1000 bottles of antacid because it's a moneymaker" shelf-wiping, hoarding, wasteful freaks. But hey! That's not the majority of us. Guess what else? I totally understand that coupons take more time to process which in turn lowers your ROI on the cashier you have ringing me up. I get it, but come on. Don't punish your customers, instead tell your freaking stockholders and BODs to stop being so damn money hungry.

Last week I had 2 coupons for Joann Fabric & Craft Stores. First off, the associate at the register needed to be pulled due to her very unpleasant, why sugar coat it, bitchy attitude. She freaking scared ME she was so rude and mean. Anyway, she so pleasantly (what's that you smell? It's my sarcasm.) informed me that I cannot make 2 transactions at the store in one day with coupons. Store policy. If I stood in line again she would not ring me up! WTF!

I'm a mother of an almost 4 year old girl which means she talks all day long and anything I need to remember, like stuff needed from stores, I forget and on a daily basis go back to said stores a couple times because of this motherhood phenomenon, BUT because I have a coupon I can't come back in the same day. If every store started pulling this "policy" they may see a big hit in their bottom line or worse a Night of the Living Dead trampede from people like me! Oh, don't think I won't eat your brains.

What did I do about my angst? Well of course I tweeted about it immediately as I got in the car pissed that I was treated like a 2 year old "no you cannot have another piece of candy" and headed to Michael's to finish my purchases. A trip I did not want to make since Michael's is always butts to nuts with people gathering their crafting supplies for some project they found on Pinterest.  Luckily, I did have a coupon to use there, their cash-wrap associates were quite pleasant, AND I remembered some things I needed that I had forgotten while at Joann.

Saturday my husband had to run to Walgreen's. He came back and informed me that the lady in front of him was informed by the cashier that customers are only allowed to purchase once per day with store coupons at that store as well. Holy WTF Batman! It's a pandemic! Here's what I don't get. If you offer store coupons and I want to use them in one day and am willing to stand in line multiple times for this money savings how does this piss you off Mr. Retailer? At the end of the day each transaction is just that, a transaction. It doesn't have a face or personality or emotion attached to it, just money. Does my money lose it's value in your store the more times I want to spend it? 

The retail industry is forcing us to learn how to survive on what we have, to not purchase multiple convienance items from them, and ~gasp~ save our Money. Thanks Retail, though I'm still miffed at the customer service I received and really pained at a decision I have to make. Boycotting the stores that piss me off.

Seriously, I don't purchase from Macy's because of the whole Marshall Field's thingy and that was a long time ago, and I spent tons of money there (really, tons, I would tell my friends to look away when I would be rung up due to the embarrassment of the total).

My rant is over. You are welcome.

Executive Homemaker Series: Stage 2

January 27th will mark my 2 year anniversary as a SWAHM. The first couple years for any executive are the make or break years. You come in like a tornado and either leave mass destruction or a rainbow in your wake. I'm proud to say I've created a rainbow. At the end of this rainbow I know is a pot of gold so I'm looking forward to climbing the beautiful colored arch to reach it.

Quick Self Performance Review
  • I have a great team of family and friends and happy helpers who made my transition a manageable one.
  • Ramped up productivity in pre-existing divisions. (Blogging, Shortycakes, Mom, Wife)
  • Started a second home business (Independent Watkins Associate #390284)
  • Formed The Home Binder Division as a starting point for the evolution of a more streamlined, efficient, and goal oriented household.
  • Cooked a whole hell of alot more than ever in my life, and 99% of it was edible!
  • Found and Reignited my passion for life, love, family, friends, business, and me!

What do I have planned for year 2?
  • Tweak and fine tune last year's goals and procedures
  • "Thin the herd" literally: Husband & Wife weight loss is on the books and the ROI is well worth the time & money investment. Also continue tightening the belt on spending and financial frugality.
  • Embrace my position as long term and no longer probationary.
  • Create 30 hours in a day
  • Cultivate my Purpose.
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