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I know August is not over, but it's darn near close. Month number 2 of our No Spend Challenge has gone quite well. Here are some of the highlights:

Overall cash spent outside of utilities and mortgage, we are going to finish about $200 less than July! High Five to us!

We did eat out a few times this month, I will admit...but we had coupons for everything! The 3 of us ate lunch at Steak and Shake, during their happy hour- half priced drinks, and with our 3 coupons we ended up saving over $6.00 off the total bill...that's an entire meal there! We walked out of there paying $11.00. Sweet!

Dryer? I have one? I've plumb forgot about having an electric dryer in the basement next to the washer. Everything gets line-dried...even socks now! Am I going overboard yet?

"Do you have your coupons mommy?" This is the question B asks before we leave the house now. She's my little FruGirl.

The only major hurdle is getting my husband to get receipts for things he purchases, no matter how small the bill. Today he said "Oh, I forgot. I did good the first two weeks." Well sweetie, those first 2 weeks were SIX weeks ago. Get with the program my dear Hubby; consider this your verbal warning. ;-)

My mind set has gone from "I'm doing this 'cause I ain't bringing home the bacon anymore and the baby needs a new pair of shoes" to "I'm doing this out of love for my family and myself."

This ethereality hit me yesterday while B played in her sandbox and I sat on the patio removing oregano leaves from their stems to dry them for the winter. It was a long, tedious task but I was enjoying the outdoors, the quiet, and my daughter building birthday cakes in the sand.

Frugal is freeing causing fear to be fleeting.
I'm on top of the world!

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  1. Kim, so glad I found your blog and your etsy shop! Thanks for visiting mine;) I am off to check out your blog more. BTW I have another blog, that is more about everyday life (called A Day In My Life;). I am an avid couponer, but haven't posted anything about it lately...once school starts again I will...I am doing the betterurblog challenge on the business one though. Thanks again for glad to find your blog!


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