"How is it being a mom?"

How the hell do you answer that question? Really?

Being the newbie in this mommy league and not reading the handbook, I usually just blankly stare at the person asking such an inane question assuming that it truly is a rhetorical question. Of course the thought running through my head shows through my eyes, making many an uncomfortable moment.

Here are some answers I thought of spewing:

"Its painful. I haven't been able to wipe my bottom for 3 weeks now and though I wrapped them tight, my boobs are still leaking."

"Its the best thing in the whole wide world. Really, better than being the richest person on earth and a straight 8 hours of sleep."

" I don't know, how is it for you to be awake?"

Here is my true, honest and not meant to be smart-arsed answer:

It is what it is. I am responsible for another human being. Everyday I watch my daughter with complete awe at how far she's come and how everything she touches or looks at is new to her. I try to stay out of her way while at the same time making sure I guide her in the right direction.

How is it being a mom? It's like being a CEO of a huge company. In business school you dreamed of what a great position that would be, you worked your butt off to rise up in the ranks, and then, one day you get the position and you see the deep dark dirty secrets of what really goes on.

Not because you don't know your responsibilities and are not confident in your capabilities but because you now are vulnerable to the extreme scrutiny and ill will of others-in and outside of your company-you are set up to thwart failure instead of achieve success--you're biggest adversaries are surprisingly your other league members!

And that's what I think today.

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