I love a good parade

For nearly a decade I have endured the effervescent talk of pregnancy, labor, motherhood, and babies at ALL social functions. As the ratio of Mothers vs. Others began to grow skewed a dynamic I never realized existed among breeders began to surface-

The Mom Standard: an established norm on the accepted practices and requirements of mothering the RIGHT way.

An Other may perceive this as excessively prideful mommies solely focused on the best for their babies, but since I have crossed from being an Other to a Mother I have realized it is actually more of an insecurity about being responsible and successful  at something you only learn as you go bandwagon effect. As we all know, it was such an effect that helped propel this country into a fabulous recession. I'm just saying.

I have chosen to admit my insecurities, push on through, enjoy motherhood, wifehood, and womanhood my own way and by my own standards, all while enjoying the music of the Pied Pipers on their bandwagon float in the Mommy Parade.

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