I didn't read any books!!!!

Before my daughter was pushed into the outside world, my husband and I sat with a close friend discussing what else but our jettison into parenthood. Wipes, check. Mattress pad protectors, check. Onesies and burp clothes, check.

"What books did you guys read?". "We didn't read any books." "WHAT??????"

I have absolutely no aversion to reading or books. Heck, I get all giddy and ride an endorphin high when I walk into a library or bookstore! Yep, I love reading. I love learning. I love to drift away to another life through the pages of a good book.

Confidence in keeping a baby alive I believe I could not get from the pages of one of the 37,000+ books on parenting. She's made it past 13 months, is on the charts, is hitting milestones, and loves to smile and say mommy. High Five for me.

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