New focus

Baby weight and my futile attempt to lose it is now on the back burner and a new "me" project is underway. I need to become empathetic.

My lack of empathy has frightened and propelled me into an extensive Internet search today, thereby leading me to self-diagnose with NPD!

Oh dear G_d I cannot suffer from this! A depressed narcissist cannot be fun company! "Whoa is me, I'm so great, you suck." No, for sure, not good company!

(5 minutes later) Whew! I finished reading the tell-tale signs of NPD and realized that the only one I truly, 100% display is the lack of empathy. I'm actually the exact opposite of the other signs....which means I may be suffering from the disorder that is opposite of NPD.

Getting back on the diet-train may be easier, but oh well, let the new disorder search begin......

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