Oh no you didn't

As my motherhood journey goes by, I acknowledge that I have a "wait and see" style of parenting. I don't come running or circle her like a hawk, I tend to watch and wait for her reaction then customize mine to balance out the scene.

Yesterday my girl decided to push my friend's kid's stroller. He got pissed and in an almost-two-year-old way bitch-slapped her. I proclaimed a calm, monotone, motherly "ohhhhh, don't do that" and then watched my daughter for her reaction as the little guy got reprimanded by his mother.

Her reaction was priceless. Whilst continuing to grasp hold of the stroller with all the composure in the world she smirked at him and I immediately knew she was saying "Oh no you didn't just do that. I suggest you not try that again."

I gave her a prideful pat on her head and went on my way.

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