Baby birds love fries

For a few weeks now my very imaginative toddler has been playing with her imaginary baby birds.

It's just been the most adorable thing. She comes up with her hands cupped cooing statements like "I uv u aby ird" "here you go eat" "mommy kiss aby ird".

Now jump off subject. My scrumptious toddler has an immense collection of fake food to go along with her kitchen playset that is actually nicer than our real kitchen.

Ok, combine both subjects. Yesterday we were playing in her kitchen when she filled her pasta pot with plastic crinkle cut French fries, put the lid on it and headed to our front porch. All the while mumbling something our parent ears could not understand.

Daddy followed her into the porch and watched her set the pot on the faux wood burning stove, take the lid off the pot, and feed her baby birds. Oh how adorable, right? Unfortunately her baby birds were still in their house, aka our lamp made out of bird houses!

Needless to say, she is short a few crinkle cut plastic fries and God only knows what else she may have fed her cute little aby irds!

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