Go ahead and jump!

Why is jumping and climbing on furniture and beds socially unacceptable? Yes, yes I am well aware of the whole "5 little monkeys... Bumped their head".

Yesterday my daughter was standing on the couch and started to bounce. I started to reprimand, to tell her no jumping on the couch because that's not allowed. Then my inner voice asked why and I hadn't any good explanation! As I started a heated debate with this inner debater, in that split second, Bi started laughing hysterically and true fun and enjoyment eminated from her entire being. My inner voice won out. I sat there and laughed along with her and we kept on laughing til we were exhausted. It was so much fun!

So gasp and frown if you will at my not instilling socially acceptable norms in my child. I also don't stop her from jumping in water puddles...that too is quite fun!

I have decided to encourage enjoyment in everything she encounters and to limit the "we don't do that". The goal is to not create another member of society that is always searching for happiness, but instead creates and enjoys the opportunities in the now!

Go ahead and jump on your bed. You'll see what I mean.

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  1. I love this! I, too, allow (and actually instigate) my children to jump - on beds, on couches, especially puddles! It drives my MIL insane whenever she visits but my house, my rules.
    I am the mom that will go and play in the rain. I think its just one small way of being in the moment and connecting to nature and each other. Love it! :)

  2. Thanks Sofia!I'm glad I'm not alone! She's good at making mud pies too. :-)


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