July Wrap Up

Tomorrow our No Spend July Challenge comes to an end. What an eye opening, liberating, and shameful experience it's been! We are starting the No Spend August Challenge now that we have a feel for things, and we really want to do better than we did this month.

July Wrap Up:

1. We haven't a clue what we spent all our money on before and are quite embarrassed by this.

2. It was nice spending more time as a family and focusing on us.

3. I received my FIL's yummy pizza dough recipe!

4. I still haven't fully decluttered the basement!

5. No one wants to buy our stuff.

6. My daughter will eat anything we put in front of her! (tonight she ate shark)

7. My daughter gets excited about broccoli!

8. We still spent too much $

9. I'm starting to feel like I live in Italy with my clothesline outside my kitchen window

10. We have all we need

11. It feels great to be in control of our lives

12. I'm starting to become a good cook

13. I've been keeping up with my blogging!!!!!!

I'm excited to start August! I'll keep you updated on how we are doing!
Frugal is the new Black baby!

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