Olive Oil coupons?

My name is KimD but you can call me Fru-GAL. I'm getting way too into this whole getting a grip on our finances...mainly the saving coin with coupons and sales. I'm addicted. Guess this type of addiction is better than most. Right?

Tonight I organized all my coupons and made a very scary observation...no olive oil coupons! Don't Olive Oil Manufacturers offer coupons? Considering we use olive oil for everything (butter is only used for cookies and corn on the cob in this house) and we just emptied our last 3 quart 5.4 ounces can tonight, I'd really like to get my coupon fix on this pantry staple as well.

You could say I'm cold-pressed for a deal. Get it? Cold pressed. hee hee. Ok, I'm a dork and have been staring at the computer too long.

Anyone know of Olive Oil Coupons floating around????

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