To baby or not to baby, that is the question

I'm hunkered down and ready for the on slot of wise-arse remarks from friends and friemly about this post but I have to write it.

The hubs is all about babies right now! It's been a few weeks that he's very openly expressed his want for another child. I get where he is coming from, really, I do. B is at an awesome stage right now...yes, even when its annoying and trying, the terrible two's are actually pretty awesome. She's talking like a college professor, has some very strong opinions about everything, is showing a rebellious, independent side, and is just so darn cute.

And for that reason is my argument. It's the 2 year old Jedi mind trick stage. Because of all the awesome stuff your new toddler is doing (even when it's repeating every cuss word you utter under your breath) you are made to forget the horrible baby stage that lead up to this awesomeness. YES, I'm going to try and use the word awesome as much as possible in this post so grit your teeth and just keep reading. Pretty please?

It's like a magic trick...we all know magic isn't real, it's all about the slight of hand, the "hey look at my left hand while I do a switch-o-roo with my right". You fall for the trick anyway, you actually are awe struck about it, then you realize you had been taken as a doop and feel like an idiot knowing you fell for the whole "look over here" bit and that it wasn't as awesome as you thought and remember "oh yeah, its a slight of hand, there's no such thing as magic dust".

I'm trying my hardest to avoid my hub's invitation to join the float in the baby bandwagon parade. Everyone knows how much I love parades, but hey, I can sit on the side in a nice comfy chair with some cold beverages and watch the bandwagon go by, all while thinking "well that was nice."

Obi Wan was strong and steadfast until the end.  I am like Obi, I am like Obi, I am like Obi...

There are many more arguments I can debate, both for and against this topic. I'll save that for future witty banter amongst followers! Until then, I've got a lightsaber lesson to teach.


  1. Hey, I am from MBC... nice post! Truly important debate. I am so glad that my husband is finally on board for #1 later this year... meanwhile, working hard on our finance plan by Dave Ramsey...
    Can you believe that I managed to become a US citizen 2 yrs ago but had never watched STAR WARS, to my husband's dissatisfaction? I finally did no sooner than last week-end... and I am so happy I can finally understand references to Obi and the force :)

  2. Thanks @aupairsalon! I really don't like Star Wars myself but I figured for my male audience (aka, my husband) I needed to put things into a manly perspective. :-) Good luck with the Dave Ramsey.


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