I need a Mommy Hotline phone number!
Seriously, how the h. e. double hockey sticks can I get B to sleep before midnight! I've tried making her skip her nap but then she passes out about 7PM and wakes at 9PM saying "Good Morning Mommy". Leaving her in her bedroom to "cry it out" isn't an option....she makes herself puke! Creating a nighttime routine has been the hardest thing since deciphering the DiVinci Code!

Please provide me with what worked for you! I'll keep track of all the suggestions and let you know which one actually works for me!


  1. My 1st is a girl and was the WORST at going to bed. I finally established a routine that worked (after some time to get used to it). I would tell her ahead of time what we were doing and then what was coming next. It was pretty simple, snack, bath, teeth, book, prayers, bed.

    First, I would tell her it's time for a snack. While she had the snack, I would then tell her she was going to have a bath. During the bath we'd talk about the book we were going to read. You get the picture...We did this until she got the hang of it.

    As for the nap girl would need a nap in the day, so it usually happened after lunch and wouldn't be very long. I wouldn't let her sleep for more than an hour and a half (you can shorten it even more if that is still too long.)

    Her bedtime was 8PM and when we first started it, I would begin the whole process at 6:30PM. I know it sounds very tedious, but it pays off in the end.

    She's 11 now and can get herself to bed. She still follows the basic routine I set up for her as a toddler.

    I really learned my lesson with her and for my boys, their bedtime was at 8PM since birth. They were much easier to "train."

    Good luck!

  2. @Anna- I was so proud of myself last night. I saw the first yawn of the night after getting her in jammies, rushed her to go night-night (she has to fall asleep on one of us) and was asleep by 9:30!!! My hubs got home about 12 from work, she woke at12:15a.m. saying good morning daddy and was up for another hour! I have to break her from having to be touching someone to fall asleep! Bad mommy! :-)

  3. I have one just like your B. My Little A keeps me up until midnight, or he did until I discovered if I make sure to wear him out before his bedtime he will fall asleep easier. I also give him a warm bath scented with lavender as it is proven to help them get to sleep right before his bedtime. Hope it helps.

  4.'s so hard to not want to snuggle your babies to sleep at night. I completely understand. I did that with my girl and had a difficult time when she got older. It can be done! (It's hard at first, but you can do it!)


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