I came out of the closet

...crying. Back in the day I had a wardrobe to die for. Every weekend another RL piece was added to my collection. For business trips I chose hotels closest to the best stores. Walking into my closet was like walking into a library. Every isle held a treasure, every piece had a story. Then I went into the family business in a filthy shop that I would not dare bring one of my treasured pieces into for fear a spec of dirt may deface that beautiful polo horse. Jeans and "disposable" shirts were my professional wear.

As the years went by I added more jeans & disposable shirts and we bought a 100 year old house with the smallest closets known to man. I started to say goodbye to my beautiful wardrobe. First I started with the out of style trendy stuff meant only for a season. After that it is all a blur.

Today I did a quick inventory of what I have. NOTHING! That's right. Over the past eight years I have slowly given away or sold my wonderful works of art. I kept 2 suits, they are safely stowed away in their zippered bags, and a few boutique items that are one of a kinds. Everything else? Jeans, crappy shirts, polyester, baby-puke stained everything.

Now with my new career as Executive Homemaker and Mompreneur I need to rethink my wardrobe. Staying in my pj's all day is not a good business practice. So today is the last day for showering mid-afternoon, changing out of PJ's into other PJ's, and crappy shirts.

Time to live by the motto-"Dress for the job you want, not the job you have". I want a well organized home and home-business, I want routine, schedules, I want success and opportunity. When shopping in the middle of the weekday pushing a stroller I want people to see me and say "Wow,  that woman is an Executive Homemaker".
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  1. Love the vibe of your post and that you're taking a stand for looking the part of the professional. I can really relate to the wardrobe loss part. I used to have a killer wardrobe, too, but after leaving corporate America in 2002, it has slowly dwindled to a very few pieces. Heaven forbid I need to attend a business meeting. I'd probably have to buy something new to wear.

    Isn't life interesting? We go through so many phases - I have no doubt that you will, one day, get back to your high fashion style - but with a panache and flair that only an Executive Homemaker can have.

    Lis :)

  2. Give yourself a clothing budget, that is what I did to get out of the 'housewifey' clothing. :)

  3. Jessa-THANKS! I didn't even think of that! Too busy picking up toys all day to even come up with that idea! :-)


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