My baby brother has MS

My "baby" brother has Multiple Sclerosis. He has been on Rebif for a year or so and yesterday he got notice he was approved for the MS "Walking Pill"-Amprya. When he called to tell me, tears of excitement filled my eyes. Not because I think he'll walk again, he more than likely won't, but that the medical world, though very jaded I have become with it over the years, has not lost hope in the battle for a cure or in my brother.

For years we searched for a cause for his worsening condition. We learned that the medical world does have good, caring & compasionate doctors-though few and far between. We learned that doctors are truly practicing medicine and don't have all the answers and are not the all seeing Wizard of Oz, they're the guy behind the curtain-not all powerful but hopeful.

After 30 plus doctors, a stabilization in his symptoms, and utter exhaustion in continually searching instead of just being, he decided to accept what the doctors are calling his condition and live life to the fullest.

Wheeling me down the aisle Feb 2008
At his wedding in October 2009!
Two years ago he got ordained, "wheeled" me down the aisle and officiated my wedding, he became an uncle, he got engaged and married (I officiated his wedding), he got further along on writing his book, and today he received his supply of Amprya. We will see where it takes him. The great and uplifting thing is that he's already come a very long way and has lived life more than most "healthy" people can say they have!

Finding a cure is key to this disease, but finding a cause will be a whole lot better!

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