Free is better than Frugal!

Once again another Free is better than Frugal Blessing shout-out!

Our 100 year old house does not have central air-conditioning. The 30+ year old window unit it came with works enough, but it started to smell moldy and the electric bill nearly put me in the ER.

Last night my husband and his brother installed a less than 1 year old energy efficient unit that 1. looks nice 2. doesn't smell like 30 years of ick and 3. WAS FREE! Yes, it was given to us!

My husband's work policy is if it'll take more money to fix something than to get a new one, they get rid of the old one. So, because it was under warranty he got the new part it needed and during his off the clock time he got it up and running and brought it home yesterday!

My financial fears keep trying to come to the forefront but then something like this happens and gives me a sense of calm and lets me know that we are going to be just fine!
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  1. yeah for new, free AC units!! What a blessing!! I can't imagine living out here on the east coast without AC...I would have died at the start of June this year..soooo hot!!


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