Single Income Survival

We are a single income family (SIOK). I never imagined uttering those words. Fortunately when my husband and I bought our home we made sure that we could survive on one income...just in case. Well, we pulled the just in case card and are surviving.

Suggestions to avoid extreme panic and get into frugal, single income mode.

  1. Do not Freak out! Go ahead and have a pity party...for one day then get to work on your new life.
  2. Sit with your significant other and kids and discuss what happened, what will happen, and what needs to happen.
  3. Take inventory of EVERYTHING and label it either a need or a want. That's right, everything. The lamps on your tables to your season tickets to the Bears.
  4. Call all vendors to request cheaper packages or cancel services all together.
  5. If you have a savings account...forget that you do! Do everything in your power to not use it!
  6. Cut up all credit cards
  7. Start selling "stuff" that is just taking up space and is not essential for your survival. Decluttering helps create a calm, positive environment. Put the money you make on your stuff into an emergency fund not to be touched unless there is an extreme emergency.
  8. Use cash only and keep track of every penny you spend...every penny! Your debit card is not cash! After the first month, look over what you spent and trim off what you can do without for the next month.
  9. Buy only sale items and ideally only if you have a coupon to add to it!
  10. Learn to enjoy being with your family, just enjoy being. Take a walk every night, cook dinner together, play board games together. You'll be surprised at how wonderful you'll feel and the more meaningful your actions from just being together, loving each other and not the stuff you once only focused on!

Don't get me wrong. I have days where the panic is trying to take control but then I look at how far we've come in just 7 months. How better of stewards we are becoming, how better a couple and family we are, and how better a cook I've become!


  1. Hi Kim, I'm from 31DBB - great tips. I'd highlight a main word or phrase in each tip, or use subheadings for each point so that readers can do a quick scan down the list.

    Also I love your pitch - "Measuring up to my own set of rules". Fantastic.

  2. Well done list! I like the changes you've made - your post is powerful without being overpowering. And you give some very sound advice that I think I need to follow. Thanks for the reminders.

  3. Love this post! We had to deal with this situation as well, and I agree with ALL of your tips! Great job on the post, and I'm glad it is going ok.

  4. Luv it, Kim! Very well thought out and great tips. I don't think I could survive w/o my plastic, though, LOL! I'm gonna run over to Twitter and tweet it.

    Deb from 31DBB

  5. Wonderful post and so informative without being insulting! I found your blog on blogfrog and am now a follower. My blog is
    I look forward to getting to know you via blog world :)


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