Swanky new blog

I've created another blog! It's for women who need a break from toddler, menu, and frugal talk and want to talk about "blushing" topics, ask questions, guest blog, and review swanky products geared towards women!

Celebrating being a sensual, sexual, Posh woman well before the bottles and boppies came along! All this in a "swanky & posh" blog environment. No porn or x-rated pics allowed!

It's a work in process, but I wanted to get it out there! I hope you enjoy!

From the About page:

The Swanky Oh! is a Swanky, safe, educational, and sometimes humorous site that navigates the many options available for enhancing and revitalizing your relationship pleasures. Sexual & sensual pleasure is as important as good jewelry, fine dining, and the posh things in life. Bring some extra Swank to your relationship; it'll make you say Oh!

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