Executive Homemaker Series: Golden Arch the Family

Close your eyes and think about your family. What image appears? When I do this a picture of my home appears.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love my home? It's a 100 year old tiny brick bungalow in need of alot of tender loving care. Inside it there is love, laughter, life! The home comes alive when we have friemly over and when it's the holidays the house seems to glow with excitement.

This weekend to make my household binder even more special I am going to work on a logo for my family. An image of our house will be in it for sure! The goal is when anyone sees our family logo it recalls emotions of  love, laughter, life, comfort, and all who are part of it.

What will your Family Logo resonate?
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  1. I think more than anything I would want our family logo to convey that faith is everything to our family, then love and fun! :0


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