R U Happy with your Frugality?

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Frugal Nirvana
This is not the name of the latest Buddha, but I think it is just as revered as him. Since I'm standing still at the Frugal Crossroads (see earlier post) I wonder "How and when did others know they reached their Frugal Nirvana?"

What is Frugal Nirvana?
It's that final action you take knowing you've done everything correct and are not going to get any more Frugal, and this realization is enlightening.

Share your Frugal Nirvana Ah-ha moments in the comments! I'm looking forward to some needed Frugal Journey spiritual renewal.

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  1. I have just started on my road to frugal Nirvana. Hopefully I can obtain it soon.

  2. Chanel- From the looks of it, I'm guessing not very many have reached that sacred moment! :-)We can be eachother's enlightenment advisors and be the first 2 to reach Nirvana!


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