Just Wait

Patience is a virtue. Of all virtues, this one I lack. This month has been a difficult one on the Frugal, SAHM, Baking, and Independent Associate front. Not for lack of trying or losing interest, but from feeling I was missing something in this journey, there was more I should be doing, I questioned the path I was on.

Every morning I wake with a song in my head. I'm an odd bird like that.  This month everyday the song has been "They that wait upon the Lord..." [Back note: yes, I was raised very "religious" one day I'll explain, until then just roll with me]

Everyday I have felt like I was stuck in one spot, not going any direction, just proceeding through the motions. Adding the same song over and over, everyday, all day long, I finally decided it was a sign and to heed the suggestion the big guy upstairs was giving.

Just wait. Let the whirlwind I so love being part of happen around me while I am still. Quit searching and trying to be a step ahead of myself.

This weekend I reaped the rewards from "waiting" I didn't know were promised.

The rest of the song's verse is "...shall renew their strength".
Today I woke renewed, with the path well lit knowing I'm doing what I am supposed to be.


  1. I love that song and it is so true. I have to constantly remind myself to wait. The Lord has a plan for my life and he will guide me in the way that I need to go.

  2. Beautiful Kim. Thanks for sharing. I too say that verse to myself a lot from time to time and I have a sign that hangs on our wall that says, "Be still and know that I am God." To remind me to shhhh, listen, wait, watch, wait some more, be still and let the Lord work....so not an easy thing to do but, to sum up, my other favorite verse, "He will never leave us nor forsake us." He is so good to us! I pray that you feel a big God hug (as I like to call them) today. I pray that whatever you are waiting for, that in His perfect timing, you receive, find or understand:). Blessings!


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