Frugal My Way, deal.

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Frugal My Way
As Executive Homemaker and COO of this family, I'm pulling rank on some things.

  1. Just because we have a coupon doesn't mean we need it or will ever need it. Give someone else the coupon.
  2. Not going to replace our microwave straightaway after our Kitchen Remodel. Nor are we going to go overboard with tiling. The custom counter is enough extravagance. This old house can't handle too much change.
  3. Daughter will be taught the meaning of need in this house. You need something if it will keep you alive in some way. Driving past the "french fry house" does not constitute a Need.
  4. We will eat leftovers as many nights in a row as we have to so as not to waste any well cooked meals. The hubs will just have to accept this.
  5. Nothing but essentials should be plugged in around here. Charging a nose hair clipper that never gets used is obviously not essential.
  6. When the mega pack of diapers run out, the kid is getting potty trained, like it or not. Toilet paper is much cheaper than those darn diapers.

Stay tuned, more to come!
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  1. Now that's leadership in your household! I love it. I need to have a few "non-negotiables" too. You've got me thinking. thanks!!

    Great job,


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