Basil, sweet Basil

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Everyday I walk by my beautiful huge basil plants and a fear hits me. "How am I going to save these for the winter? I must do it quick!" Last year was a horrible year for my home grown herbs and this year they flourished. 

I have thrown fresh basil in the fridge-ick. Tossed it in the freezer stem and all-ick. My hubs does not like pesto so I can't make a ton-o that either.

This morning I opened my email to find my regular update from Frugal Living by Erin Huffstetler and wouldn't you know on the front page she has a link to freezing basil! Oh, today is going to be a great day!

Here are the steps, click here for more details:

1. pull leaves from the stems
2. wash
3 flash freeze: This is the secret step!!
4. after flash frozen, toss them into freezer bags.
Whoolah! Frozen Fresh Basil!

What other fresh herbs can be frozen like this? I've got some Thyme too!
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  1. I love love love fresh basil. It is my favorite herb hands down. I love it on my pasta, salmon, grilled cheese sandwiches, and just about anything else that can handle basil. It's SOOOOOOOO good! Thanks for the tips!


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