Working in Chaos

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I once thought the Red Cross and I woud be a good fit. When crap hits the fan and chaos breaks out I am there to get a plan in place and things back to functioning order.  That is until this week!

Kitchen Remodel.
No panic attacks, which is good, and progress is being made BUT my kitchen stuff is in my dining room, living room, basement, and basement office. Laundry is piling up because I can't use the clothesline-it's straight in the middle of the work zone. Working on my end has been at a standstill. OK, so it's only been 4 days but I've reached my patience threshold. 

Today I vow to look at my house as a disaster zone and get in there and organize this chaos. If just for my own sanity!
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  1. I'm an organizational freak so if I were in your shoes I'd be dealing with great amounts of anxiety until everything was back in it's place. Hang in there!! I want to see that kitchen remodel!! Love stuff like that:) Are you contracting or doing it yourselves?

  2. Good Morning Casey! We are doing the work ourselves. I'm the foreman of the "crew". Fortunately my hubs and his brother use to actually work for me so they know I'm a pusher! I've been taking pictures all along the way so there will for sure be a post! Have a great Monday! Good luck with the Nanny search!


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