Best Gift This Season: SoundAsleep Comfort Pillow!

Best Gift This Season: SoundAsleep Comfort Pillow!
I have never put much thought into what I lay my head on at night. I go to the nearest big box store, find the $4.99 special and to dreamland I go. (Well not really, if you know me, you know I am an avid insomniac, but I digress.) I'm also all about listening to my iPod with ear buds whilst sleeping. (Relaxing things like Buddhist chants, self-hypnosis for a good nights sleep, etc.) Usually about 3AM I wake from dreaming I can't breath to my ear bud cord firmly wrapped around my neck, arm, foot, pillow, etc.

Not anymore!
This week I have test-napped the SoundAsleep Comfort Pillow w/Built in Speaker and am in love! No more ear bud strangulation for me! The speaker is IN the pillow. If you are a pillow know who you are..the sound is the same no matter the side. 
The bad part
The downfall with this pillow is that I only have 1 right now! My daughter now races to my bed at night to commandeer MY SoundAsleep Pillow so SHE can listen to "Buddha". Guess what Bappo Natale will be bringing her this Christmas.
  • It's compatible with any MP3 device with a stereo socket. No batteries are required-just plug in and rock out!
  • You can personalize it by covering it with any pillowcase of your choice. (I'm gonna pull the pillow case switch-o-roo on my daughter so she goes for the insomniac pillow instead. Is this mean of me?)
  • The Sound Asleep comfort pillow makes a great gift for:
    • Music lovers, college kids, teens, and tweens. And 29 year old (ahem) moms.
    • Gadget-obsessed dads and boyfriends.
    • Kids and adults who love listening to audio books!
    • Troubled sleepers who find noise helps them catch some zzz's.
    • Anyone looking to relax and rest with some calming or meditative music!
Where to get yourself one:

You can also get more 411, just go to: Tell them KimD sent you!


  1. It sounds too cool to be is it comfortable if there is a speaker in it though is my only question? What a great concept though!!

  2. Hi Casey! You can't feel the speaker at all. The pillow is super soft too. How's being a SAHM going for you?


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