Espresso in slow motion

Espresso in slow motion

Coffee. I refer to it as nectar of the gods. Without it I would not survive. Coffee is not just a beverage, it is a culture. It is communal (coffee klatch), celebratory and somber. It transends all generations, all people, all beliefs. It puts everyone at the same level.

Sadly the American culture has devalued the coffee culture. We are too preoccupied with keeping busy, that to sit and enjoy a coffee is gastly!

When I offer coffee in my home I am not just offering a beverage, I am offering my attention. I am putting aside my to-dos, my lists, my phone, my computer. I am sitting with you at the table, talking, making eye contact, listening, and being love.

I lament over this while sitting in my sun porch, early in the morn, listening to the day begin, and slowly enjoying my day's first cup of love.
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  1. I love it. On the weekends my mother and I sit and drink our coffee and talk. we can sit there for hours drinking and laughing. I do the same with my good friend at our local coffee shop. We can sit for hours chi chatting about nothing.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate


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