Ho, Ho, Ho-w Annoying!

Yippee the holidays are here.
They also bring with them a bubbling over of pet peeves.
Here are a few of mine.
What are yours?

1. If you're hosting a holiday party, make your guests feel welcomed. Don't tell them to take their shoes off before they even step foot in the door. As a matter of fact, if you don't want shoes to dirty up your house, don't host a party! Let someone who believes that friends are more important than a little extra cleaning do it.

2. Gift bags. Oh they were great for a while but now they are ANNOYING! Wrap the darn gift in gift wrap so the receiver doesn't feel obligated to save the bag to someday reuse it. That stack of 300 Xmas bags in your basement is a fire hazard!

3. "Gifting" workers for doing their job. Seriously, mailman, I love you, thanks for doing your job but hey, I don't buy my own husband Xmas gifts so heads up, you're not getting one either. Sorry to disappoint.

4. All the freaking retail fliers delivered everyday! Enough already! You've supersaturated my brain to the point where no matter how big your font is, the savings are not worth me looking through your circular. Plus, my trash & recycling gets picked up only once a week. All this junk mail makes the bins runneth over.

5. Non-edible host/hostess gifts. Yes, bring a small token of appreciation to your host, but make it edible so after the party the host doesn't have to find a place to shove all the knick knack crap or figure out who to regift it to. Oh, and a side note: STOP BRINGING WINE!

I'm going to stop here (for now).  Tell me some of your pet peeves!


  1. I completely agree with your "please remove your shoes" pet peeve! I didn't pick out the perfect, sexy, adorable pair of shoes just so I can walk around someone's house in tights. I'm just glad you said it, because I never have had the nerve.
    You're the best.

  2. I am going to have to agree on the gift bag one. I feel so guilty if I throw them out, lol


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