Executive Homemaker Series: Trade Organization

Join a Trade Organization.

While out in the professional world, membership in such organizations are key to networking, knowing the inside scoop, and success.
As an Executive Homemaker you need to join a group. Find something that will help put you at an advantage as COO of your home and family.

Key word is ADVANTAGE. Don't go joining "Insecure parents are us" or "Hoarding makes me happy". Evaluate what you need to succeed & be number one in your field and find that group!

A great resource for groups is Meetup.com.  There you can find very specific groups to join that meet regularly.

Remember how coming back from a trade show you would feel energized, motivated, and ready to take on the industry? Why not feel this way for your new career?

Help other Executives out.
Please list the groups that you are involved with and a website if available!
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  1. See, I would go joining Hoarding Makes Me Happy. lol It's true... I need to de clutter..

    Following you from FMBT. (Yes, on Wednesday lol) I hope you can visit us and follow back! We have some great giveaways going on and we have a new one every week until Christmas! Have a good day!

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