Money Lockdown

Our Frugal Life escaped us last month due to our kitchen remodel. (the kitchen looks AWESOME btw-it's still not finished but soon) Seriously, it was like we were junkies doing whatever we had to to get a fix. Ikea, Home Depot, Ace every weekend and most weekdays.

With the kitchen out of commish we also spent money on dining out! Mamma Mia did we eat out. Needless to say, when October 31st came around we decided to put ourselves on a Money Lockdown!

I tend to retreat out of view when needing to refocus and generate a new plan. I'm coming out of hiding and am ready to go full speed ahead back on the path to financial freedom!

What does this Lockdown entail?
1. NO SPENDING on non-essentials! Milk and fresh produce is all we need to purchase this month.
2. Re-evaluate our bills and payment schedules.
3. Get the house back in order. An orderly house helps motivate to get everything else in order.
4. Me and B are pretty much sequestered to the house for the month.
5. I must put more energy into my home businesses to help make up the money we blew last month!


  1. Hi Kim. Sounds like the kitchen rocks! We've been doing it one stainless appliance at a time... Lori has been patient, so it's working! I love the lockdown. I wish I could get a little more buy in at times. A big thing for me is the grocery bill. I'm good at stocking up, but, at times, not the best at using what I've stocked. I try to make a game of it with the kids... "make something out of THIS!" Enjoy your kitchen! Brian

  2. I'd love to see that new kitchen!! Congrats on spoiling yourselves. Home improvement projects are so awesome!! Good luck with the lock down. We will be joining you in that tomorrow is my last day of work and a large chunk of income is now MIA:). Wish us luck!

  3. good can be hard but with motivation and determination youll do great... Im your newest follower from MBC as well..if you get a chance stop on by and follow back at


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