FREE Slow Cooker Recipes every Executive Homemaker should have!

Hi, my name is KimD and I always forget that I have a perfectly good slow cooker in the basement. Today I vow to bring it upstairs and make my life a whole lot easier with some good FREE recipes.


Let me tell you about the time I concocted my own crock-pot recipe. 

Almond Garlic Chicken

That sounds delish, right? Me, being the Julia Child that I am, put chicken breasts, garlic cloves, and almond pie filling in the cooker. The aroma was wonderful. The meal tasted, how should I put tasted like I rummaged through a restaurant dumpster that hadn't been emptied in a month.  After half a bite, all the contents of the crock pot were thrown away in bio hazard bags!

Yes, my husband loves to tell that story. I've learned my lesson. Anything for Pie  use only for desserts!

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