Holy Crap. My 20 year High School Reunion!

Oh dear G_d. I was notified via Facebook that my high school reunion is this October! Twenty years out of High School. Sadly, I can barely remember my high school days. The crushes I had, the friends I still have, and the parties I went to are about it. Teachers & classes, not so much.

Here's what is going through my head:

  • "What color should I make my hair?"
  • "Can I lose 60 pounds by then?"
  • "Do I really want to go?"
  • "I wonder who will go."

The 10 year was quite fun and since then my life has gone through major metamorphoses. My priorities have changed, my goals have changed, my life is where I didn't think I ever wanted it to be but am so glad I am.

Enough hemming and hawing. Time to get on the treadmill! Wish me luck!

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  1. OH - YOU WILL GO!! We all go together this year - including Ms. JL!! Plus, Carey, you and I can only recall bits and pieces of the last reunion since we overindulged a little... a little! That was a night to remember! Nik


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