Stop the iNsanity!

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Everyday I feel like I've done so much and yet gotten nothing done. I have daily to-do lists, get up early, have B on a pretty set routine and still, no satisfaction.

Tuesday night I was watching on CNBC "CRACKBERRY'D: THE TRUTH ABOUT INFORMATION OVERLOAD" about our addiction to our phones, computers, and all things that have an Internet connection. It went on discussing that we think we are multi-tasking better with all this technology but in reality we are worse off. BINGO! It hit me then and there. (Mind you, I was on Twitter the entire duration of the show.)

The reason I feel like I'm not getting anything done is because I AM NOT! Yes, I'm an avid procrastinator but I'm also a compulsive multi-tasker. Brush my teeth while spraying all purpose cleaner on all the bathroom surfaces, look up a recipe & check emails while on Skype. I check my emails, Twitter, Blogger, and Facebook ALL DAY on my phone! You know you're an addict when you put your toddler on the potty and she asks for her phone.

Yesterday I woke vowing to change my ways. Focus on one thing at a time and limit my techno time to breaks and end of day. It felt good yesterday and I actually didn't have major urges to turn the computer on. Though I will confess, I did check my email on my phone, but hey, I run 2 home businesses so I have to communicate with customers no matter what.

Well, my daughter just woke and is sitting on my lap while I type this. Time to log off until I get things done.

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  1. So true for me too! I have to limit myself to only a few times a day. I was freaking out the other day about how behind I am on everything and realized, well, if I would stay off the computer for a while, it might help. So far, I have been sticking to it, but it is sooooo hard! Good luck!


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