Where's your diaper???

Last night B was playing in the living room. I was beaming with happiness that she is at the tail end of the flu and getting back to her normal self. Of course, I woke this morning with a freaking sore throat!

After serving me a 5-course plastic food meal she ventured into her bedroom-which you will see one day on an episode of Hoarders. She turned on the light then oddly came and shut the door. I figured she was going to dust everything with her baby powder again so I left it alone-not a battle I wanted to pick tonight.

Fast forward 10 minutes. She's back out in the living room with me while I'm trying to watch the hotties on Hawaii 5-O. Then a "oh no not now, she'll just have to sit in it" smell wafted past me. I pull her over to investigate and after a second take let out a terrified scream "Where is your diaper?" (Thank heavens the smell was a false alarm!) Did I mention Hawaii 5-O'Hotties was on?

B: "I changed it because I peed in it"
Me: (with eyes bulging out picturing the gruesome crime scene I may be encountering): "What did you do with the diaper?"
B: "I threw it in the garbage"
Me: "Show me"
B: (a bit miffed that I was pushing the subject): "Its OK, I threw it in the garbage. It just had PEE in it!"

I pause the hotties on the tube, grab her hand and run to her bedroom (all of 2 feet away).  She goes to her diaper pail, steps on the lid opener, pulls out diaper in question, and with the most mature I-told-you-so-you-fool-look calmly says: "See I told you it was just pee. It's OK"

Seriously, this potty training thing is an enigma. One day she'll use the potty all day and the next she decides to just change her own diapers!

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  1. Lol, kids are puzzling sometimes. :p My middle daughter is 2 1/2 and we have yet to have a breakthrough with potty training- she has no interest in it what-so-ever! If I could get her to change her own diaper that'd be great. haha


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