10 Mile Nutcase!

Goals. I love them. I set them everyday. Most are realistic but a few stand out as ka-RAY-zee!

Realistic: Declutter the basement.
Not realistic: Win the lotto.

In January I made a goal to participate in a 10 mile race (and not keel over). I haven't jogged in years and even back then I could only do 2 miles at a time AND was about 50 pounds lighter. WHAT WAS I THINKING?

Well, today starts the 12 week training. I've been jogging now for a few weeks and am happy to say I can do 3 miles without needing my last rites read. Having a friend who has done a long race like this helps. She is my Obi Wan.

Today I move this 10 mile race from the ka-RAY-zee goal list to the Realistic. I'm totally stoked!

Time to jog. May the force be with me!

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