Oh, just F it!

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Here's a list of potentially offensive, looked-down-upon, back of hand to forehead gasp worthy things about Me. I'm just in that type of mood.

1. I'm a Libertarian
2. I love boobs and did not breastfeed
3. My daughter uses profanity...in context which makes me proud of her
4. I'm not sending my daughter to Preschool because she'll come home germ infested
5. My favorite word is "The F Word"
6. I know how to read tarot cards
7. I think pot and prostitution should be legalized
8. I have a horrible, evil temper
9.  What happened in Vegas stays in Vegas
10.  I don't do playdates...unless there are cocktails involved
11.  I see nothing wrong with a cocktail before 10AM. It's always noon somewhere
12. I pray
13. I LOVE Barry Manilow
14. I laugh at farts
15. I am Anti-Walmart
16.  I used to smoke 3 packs a day
17.  I'm Pro-Choice
18. I love writing even though I was told it is of the devil
19.  My daughter and husband are my world
20.  I like saying things to get a rise out of people

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  1. Seriously, you are reminding me so much of another blogger buddy of mine who I recently had the pleasure of meeting in person a month or so back. Spunky, individuals who aren't afraid to say what's on their minds;0. Awesome!


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