How to meditate w/out Devil possession

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Meditation=Devil Possession. Well, that is the belief I was taught growing up about meditating. Meditating causes you to stop thinking and when you stop thinking the Devil enters you and controls you. Pretty F'd up huh? "I rebuke you in Jesus Name" was a frequently heard saying in my childhood home.  Sometimes in jest, and sometimes as serious as a heart attack. But I digress.

Meditating. I have a number of meditating apps, books, and articles but I just don't think I'm doing it correctly. (And there may be some indoctrinated fear still in my subconsious of the Devil lurking and waiting for his window of opportunity) Why do I think this? Becuase I have yet to feel refreshed, closer to nature, calm, guided, or more "with it" when I'm done (or rudely interrupted by life).

I think Elizabeth Gilbert had it correct to pick-up and submerse into an Ashram community. Hmm, maybe when I finish the 20 items on my to-do list today I can catch the next flight to nirvana.
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