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Watkins Vanilla Classic Recipes Cookbook with the Award Winning Gold Metal for Highest Quality Double Strength Vanilla extract.

The Cookbook contains 88 recipes showcasing Watkins Vanilla! This quality hardbound book features a die-cut cover with custom illustration and vintage Watkins artwork and full-color photography. 128 pages; hardcover.

Your gift will be boxed in a bakery box with bow, ready for gift giving!
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Cookbook with 11 fl. oz. Vanilla $24.98 plus tax & $2.95 Shipping/Handling*

Cookbook with 2 fl. oz. Vanilla $16.58 plus tax & $2.95 shipping/handling*

This offer is only available thru Independent Watkins Associates #390284 Giuseppe & Kimberly Demetrio.

Watkins Vanilla Classic Recipes Cookbook & Vanilla Extract Gift

Vanilla Extract Size

*Shipping charge is PER SET. Shipping available to continental US states only.

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  1. I am not much for baking or cooking but, SO wish I was as there is just so many yummy things out there to make in books such as this one if you know how to do it! I love Sandra LEe...she is right up my alley;0


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