Hydroponics in my basement!

Last summer the hubs and I went to the local hydroponics store to get some 411 on starting a little indoor year-round garden. Buying fresh produce gets pricey! The clerk was helpful in telling us what we'd need to start and since we are not intending to grow plants of the cash crop "kind" the initial investment is minimal.

Tonight I ordered our Hydrofarm JSV4 4-Foot Jump Start T5 Grow Light System through Amazon.com. It was almost 50% cheaper than the brick and mortar store we went to AND it qualifies for free shipping!

Anywho, this is a big step for us and I'm excited to know that soon I'll just have to venture into the basement for fresh lettuce! At this rate I'll never have to leave my house!
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  1. This sounds so cool--I'd love to learn more! We can garden from about February to November in Houston, though it gets really hot in July and August. I love the idea of a little hydroponic garden indoors!


  2. Hi Carla! We spent a good hour in the store talking with hydro guy. It was a bit overwhelming seeing all that's available but for our needs he recommended the set up we bought. He also said that any fluorescent light will work, just need to be close to the plant. I'll definitely update on my progress! And yes, for Houston this is a great idea!


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