Executive Homemaker Cocktail Klatch: my inner Craftiness

Cocktail: Irish Coffee
Topic: Creative urge just can't be quenched!

I bake. I crochet. I scrapbook. I write. I have a constant urge to be creating. Lately I've become addicted to craft-type blogs which has made my yearning an obsession.

As I type I'm on a mini-vacation at a hotel currently away from my computer and craft supplies and am jonesing BIG TIME to create.

Why am I feeling this way? Am I not satisfied with my life? Am I avoiding other more dire responsibilities? Should I have chosen a different cocktail?

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  1. I hear you! I don't have that passion for crafting blogs so much but, for decorating and DIY blogs!! I don't even like to do any other type of blogging anymore because with what little time I have I want to stir up my creative juices and work on my home. I say, enjoy it! Maybe you will create some awesome things!!

  2. Hi Casey! I just thought of a great re-purpose for our crib! It's an old crib that doesn't pass safety standards and no one wants to risk buying it...I'm going to turn it into a rack to hold my hundreds of cookie cutters for my online baking business! The slats will be perfect to hang S hooks on and then hang my cutters on the hooks! Can't wait to get this DIY started!


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