Homeschooling. Who the hell am I?

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Am I that mom? You know, the one who thinks her kid is a genius and way too advanced for public school. Nah, OK, well maybe (shouldn't we all think that).

No, I may be the other kind. The one who believes it is my responsibility as a parent to be the primary educator.

Nope, I'm just a cheap mom.  We want B to have a Montessori education but seeing that I'm not bringing in much mullah, a $7000 a year pre-school education is out of the question. We've opted instead to send her once a week to an Italian immersion school (not cheap by any means, but less than Montessori) then off to Montessori di Mama. Rant: Montessori was ITALIAN, yet NO Montessori schools around us teach the Italian language!

I'm looking at this more like a new business unit in our Demetrio Family Inc. One of our product lines is our Child! Our "company" is really becoming diversified with this new venture.

As I type, I hear the faint sound of "I am woman" playing melodically in the far off distance. Homeschool Marm, Online Boutique Baker & Party Events Planner, Writer, Direct Sales Entrepreneur, Executive Homemaker, Mom, Wife, Woman.

Stay tuned, I sense a new Mom Standard Series in the works!
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