Executive Homemaker Cocktail Klatch: Hate being a SAHm!

After giving my brooding, woe-is-me self a kick in the rear, the Friday Executive Homemaker Cocktail Klatch is born.

A Klatch is a gathering characterized usually by informal conversation so please join in at any time. ~ I must pause to pour myself a nice cocktail~


Let the Klatch Begin!

Tonight’s Cocktail: Sunny V: Sunny Delight with Vodka served in a Red Panty Martini Glass. ~I’m feeling swanky~

Tonight’s Topic: Hating being a Stay-At-Home.
So, last week I was really in a funk. I hated being a SAHM in a big way. Wait; remove the M, that part I didn’t hate, just the SAH part. The monotony of everyday finally did me in. Pick up after others, wrangle the menagerie of animals, appease a toddler, keep all the back office crap organized, while the entire time trying to determine MY career objectives & paths. ~Pausing for a refill~

Know what’s funny? While in the “career” world the position I held was exactly the same as now.

Largest responsibilities included:
  • Picking up after everyone everyday to maintain a positive impression to clients, the government, our employees, the bank, the community, OSHA, etc.
  • Monitoring the corporate health aka morale & finances. Oh dear God. It took 6 years to get that company in the black!
  • Appeasing employees of which the majority acted like toddlers. Everyday there was whining from someone. Oh the pain to sit there straight faced my tongue and dialogue restrained by all the HR laws.
  • Reviewing my personal progress to ensure I was on my correct career trajectory.

The differences between my “today” career and my “yesterday” career:
  1. Money
  2. A network of my peers.

What? The SAHM niche is nothing but a network of peers.
“Today” I need to find the sub-niche of Career-Crossroads SAH’s. Does this make sense or am I drunk already? ~3rd drink’s a charm~

Tonight after chatting with the hubs, my what, where, & when is decided.
  1. Acquire the Certifications I need to move Shortycake Creations ahead. (Then on to another degree or two)
  2. Finish writing my in-process book series.
  3. Move forward with my Freelance Marketing Consulting. (Next project: I’ll be marketing my brother’s new book “unDiagnosed: A Story of Hope”)
  4. Teach my daughter to create a life map to keep track of all the paths she takes.

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