CEO Series: DIY {FRUGAL} Counting Puzzle

Chief Education Officer Series: DIY (FRUGAL) Counting Puzzle

If I had a million dollars I'd buy a monkey AND all the learning tools from Lakeshore Learning. Since I haven't the coin I am doing my best to craftily improvise with what I have on-hand. There is a box in the basement FILLED with scrapbooking material (and oodles of pictures but lets not go there) and topped with an inch or so of dust. Presto, time to create some Pre-School learning thingies.

Counting Puzzle
Supplies: 2 pieces card stock, straight edge cutter, scissors, glue

Print the cards on one of the cardstock sheets
Glue the 2 pieces of cardstock together. Let dry completely b4 cutting
With straight edge cutter, cut out all cards. Using scissors cut between the number and the dots
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