Mom-to-Mom Diapers ROCK! {Review}

Diapers! I am so glad there are no diaper wearers in my home anymore. I do not miss them!

We used cloth diapers the first 6 months and I loved them! When we switched to disposable they had to be ‘cloth-like’. Diapers that gel up or emit a disgusting not-natural smell were not going near my baby’s bum. Fortunately, most cloth-like disposables are store brand’s lower end, i.e. cheaper diapers!

Dominick’s Mom-to-Mom brand diapers claim “better leakage control, perfect fit waist band, and tabs, an ultra absorbent core, and super soft hypoallergenic line with aloe, vitamin E, and natural botanicals”.

I received Dominick’s Mom-to-Mom diapers to try, but we had moved to night-time trainers so I found one of my readers willing and able to give them a test run!

Here’s what she had to say:

“I love them! They have been super absorbent and have stayed in place. Since [my baby] is a belly sleeper, she often wakes up wet at the top of her pants after a long sleep....that hasn't happened at all! They also feel really soft to me and since [my baby] can't talk, I'd say they are pretty comfortable.”
Seems Dominick’s brand management team got their description right! For more information, click here.

Trade in those expensive diapers and get you some Mom-to-Mom baby approved diapers that do what they say they do.

Mom-to-Mom diapers are available in the Supreme variety, purple packaging. Mom-to-Mom training pants are now easier to change and provide better fit and comfort, have easy open sides, and a super soft hypoallergenic liner with aloe, vitamin E, and natural botanicals.

*Please note, I did receive gift cards & product compensation for my review from deiworldwide and/or Dominick’s.

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