Lessons in Parenting: Kids know heaven

Lessons in Parenting: Kids KNOW Heaven

September 2 was my dad’s birthday. He would have been 70! B and I sat and talked about him and his birthday for quite some time. She asked if he was going to be better to come for a party. I told her “No because he is in heaven.” Her concern grew dire “Who is going to sing Happy Birthday to him in Heaven?” I named the relatives he is with who will have cake and candles ready to celebrate up there.

As only a three year old could articulate “I miss Grandpa Beal. Is Heaven like Italy?”

I smiled, let out a little giggle and said, “Let’s hope Italy is like Heaven.” She was satisfied.

Lesson: Streets of gold and pearly gates may for some be great, but hilly vineyards of olives and grapes are our family’s vision of a heavenly fate.

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