You CAN Love your Dentist...with Invisalign & Invisalign teen! #spon

The clear alternative to Braces.

Tinsel teeth, brace face~ these nicknames in my day were a rite of passage. I received my braces in 7th grade. The joy it was that my brace brackets were glued to my teeth unlike my sister who had metal bands wrapped around each and every tooth—talk about train tracks!

To this day I still ‘suck’ my teeth to make sure no morsels are caught between the teeth and bracket wires. If you had braces, you know the ‘suck’. How about this: until last year orthodontic cement from one of my brace brackets was STILL on my tooth and the best story was the time my sister and her boyfriend got their braces stuck together whilst smooching in the front yard.

While coming out of a light sedation for a couple fillings the doctor tells me the reason one of my teeth hurt to bite down is because another tooth is out of align AND that the reason my gums are receding is because of my poor alignment. I swear there was something else about elves and gnomes but like I mentioned, I was sedated. Basically all I heard was blah, blah, elves, blah, braces or Invisalign. Way to kill a good sedation!

Fast forward-Bloggy Bootcamp-one of the main sponsors is Invisalign. I chatted up one of the reps (really I just confessed my fear of dental anything and that I was recently told I needed it) and she told me more about the product PLUS gave me a sample Invisalign tray (YES I went home and tried putting it on my own horse sized teeth, but the tray was made for pixies). Thus began my research into having braces or aligners at almost 40 which could potentially throw me into a psych ward or be a non-issue!

What is Invisalign? For teens (and adults) needing braces it is better than going to prom with the hottest jock in school AND being crowned king and queen! Invisalign works the same way metal braces do, they move teeth by applying pressure over time. The clincher? Well, Invisalign are nearly invisible removable aligners that are used to straighten the teeth! You keep a great looking smile, don't get pulled out of the TSA line in the airport, and Invisalign aligners are oodles more comfortable than braces!

  • You go to the doctor,
  • get detailed impressions of your teeth (I wonder if that gag procedure has been updated),
  • a 3D computer imaging technology is used to map out your complete treatment from start to finish,
  • the aligners are made, and
  • you receive and wear each tray for about 2 weeks.
  • You typically only see your orthodontist every 6 weeks or so to make sure things are going as planned.

I really truly want to relive my youth with Invisalign! I can only imagine how different it would be~like I wouldn’t have this crazy ‘suck’ tic or still fear corn on the cob. Invisalign has a product developed specifically for teens. (Jealous!) Aside from the technical differences between teen and old folk teeth, a major advantage to parents with the teen product are the blue Compliance Indicators that are designed to gradually fade as the aligner is worn (so you can bust your teen for not wearing their aligners enough), Eruption Tabs that accommodate the growth of secondary molars, and other features that address clinical needs common to teen patients.

Really, kids these days have it so easy. Thanks to Invisalign, so too can adults!

*I received some form of compensation for this post. All opinions are mine. If and when I do get Invisalign, I'll let yo know what I think too!

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