DIY on a Budget: Cupboard Door Turned Wall Art

Turn an old cabinet door into a rustic wall hanging

It took five years of wondering to finally venture into our spider engrossed garage to look for treasure in the rafters. I was not disappointed!

Cupboard doors, uber old with layers of paint and beautiful hinges & hardware were up there waiting to be freed from their dark, dank, creepy-crawly prison. I believe these are the remnants of the original kitchen cupboards for the house. It makes me almost cry knowing this. Call me weird, but I love having all things original in here. I feel like I'm the keeper of this home's prized possessions. 

A little elbow grease is all it takes

While singing the song “…Merry ole Land of Oz. With a Brush, brush here….”, the first door got all cleaned up and was ready for its perfect spot in the house. We recently hung shelves in the living room left with a gaping spot needing something special. I am the type to wait until what is meant to be shows itself AND IT DID!

The door needed a bit more, kind of how the bow was just what the cowardly lion needed. The wall looked good but life needed to be on it, not just objects. I found an empty wine bottle with a label that resembled the scenes in the framed prints already shelved, found an old white small shelf hanging in the garage not being used, grabbed a couple screws, a picture hanging mount, and a shoot from my only living indoor houseplant.

Budget Friendly

All this created, what is to me, the most beautiful living old piece of art on the wall. Total cost? 0. Yep, ZERO! I love repurposing stuff. How about you?

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