I protest protests [a mini rant]

I don't get protests. The Wall Street protest that has been going on these past few weeks has sparked my disdain for passive acts of demanding change. Seriously, what is standing out in the cold doing to Wall Street? Nada.  Nope, the suits still go to their jobs selling off the United States one future, loan, stock at a time. Holding a sign with a whitty verbal jab at them outside their windows isn't getting anything changed.

What's done is done. Beating a dead horse ain't gonna bring it back to life. Move on to a live horse. Remember what killed the horse and don't repeat it.  Don't rely on someone else to control your futures, don't buy homes you cannot afford, save your money instead of buying things you really can survive without, and if you don't trust Wall Street and all it represents don't patronize the handlers that feed it!

Oh, and stay away from the office supply store...you don't need poster board and markers...unless you need a job, then go on in!

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