Ross Dress for Less: Enjoy the Treasure Hunt! [spon]

"I love Ross. If you see something you like, buy it cause it may not be available later." -Kim, Houston, TX
"There's a Ross in Florida by my parents! I go there every time I visit!"-Nikki, Willow Springs,IL
"Yay Ross! I Love that store. Been missin' it since I left Cali... Glad to see them popping up 'round here."-Rebecca Lockport, IL
Until a couple months ago I had not heard of Ross stores. While attending Bloggy Bootcamp corporate reps were there talking about Ross entering the Chicago market. OK, great, another discount store, big whoop.

Last week I had the privilege to attend the Ross Insider Event the day before their stores opened. En route I just so happened to receive a call from a friend who started raving at how much she loves Ross. Her advice was simple, if you see something you like, buy it.

Walking into the store I was greeted by the beautiful Ms. Triathlete Training Brittany who graciously invited me. Then the fun began!

After a brief meet and greet with fellow bloggers and media reps some of the Ross reps (i.e. big Whigs) welcomed us, gave us a tour and sent us shopping. This girl loves her bargains and I'm pretty well versed with market prices on products. Blown away does not describe my reaction well enough at the prices.

Both my husband and I were first impressed with the store layout. You walk in and can see all departments, the middle of the store was not hindered with high risers. All signage was well laid out which is perfect if you are short on time and need to run in for a quick purchase (like needing killer heels in the ladies shoe department, which I did indulge in).

The blue store colors create a calm, relaxed atmosphere that makes you want to enjoy your hunt for the best deal on name brand products. The cash wrap area was especially nice, it was open.  Ross hasn't succumb to the newest retail trend of corralling you in a maze of impulse purchase barricades, waiting for the computer generated cattle call telling you what register to go to.

I heeded my friends advice and what I saw I wanted I bought. Once again blown away when the total came up extremely less than what the same products would cost at other like stores!

Its holiday shopping season, might I suggest that its best to start at Ross and truly dress, gift, decorate for less?

*I was compensated via a gift card for my participation in this fabulous event. All my other visits so far have been self financed! All opinions are my own!*
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  1. I am so excited that Ross has come to Chicagoland. It's on my list to visit the one by my house.

  2. Great choices of shoes and dresses! I can come up with a bunch of shopping bags if I'll shop here.

  3. There are a variety of choice! You will surely enjoy shopping here!


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